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About 5 years ago, Pastor Jamal Vann (Church Done Different) started a non-profit called Peasant Kings Mentoring: a non-Profit Organization (501c3) focused on “Transforming Today’s most at risk Youth into Tomorrows Leaders; One Child at a Time”. Which mentors and develops youth ages 6-18.  They also support youth 18 and over through a high school diploma program, as well as college and in-demand trade programs. 


We believe everyone must ”Find Their Truest Passions”. Through self- identifying, goal oriented education; we produce certifications, workshops, youth programs, education models, curriculum, and trainings that service youth, parents, youth workers, and teachers.



Over the course of several months students are engaged through an individually tailored evidence based curriculum that will help them to overcome the barriers that normally inhibit success. Our program uses a variety of modalities to assess the students learning styles, temperaments, and innate God given gifts as a tool to help students identify their strengths and weaknesses. We also use evidence based curriculum to decrease anti-social behavior and increase success in the areas of faith, family, finance, and fitness. 


We seek to contract with organizations who serve transitional age youth, young adults, and their families including (Grade Schools, Colleges, Re-entry Programs, Returning Citizens, Foster Care Recipients, TANTF Recipients, those Behavioral or Intellectual Disabilities, etc., with recovery oriented faith-based services leading cognitive self-change, social development, and entrance into post-secondary education. 


We accomplish our goals first by researching the problem and potential evidence based solutions. We then produce written publications and curriculums, and develop creative media that promote and prepare our students for higher education, while decreasing incarceration, dropout, unemployment, recidivism rates.


Students may receive:

  • High School Diploma

  • Life Skills, Personal Assessments

  • Cognitive Self Change

  • Job Readiness,

  • College Admissions Counseling

  • Trade Certifications

  • Success Strategies

  • Academic and Personal Achievement Plans

  • Financial literacy

  • Tutoring

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